• Plans to erect a statue of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence near the Ian “Molly” Meldrum statue behind the Corner Hotel in Richmond (Melb) have been approved by the City of Yarra. Although the origins of INXS were more closely aligned with Perth and Sydney, the project was passionately supported by Superjesus frontwoman Sarah McLeod and close Hutchence associate Jen Jewel Brown. Michael filmed Dogs in Space in Richmond not far from the proposed site of the statue, and had a genuine affection for the city, his sister Tina Hutchence warmly received the news on Facebook. 4TR takes the opportunity this week to profile three of the earliest hits for the band who dominated the charts throughout the 1980’s in our Special Feature section. 


                                                                            ACDC 2


  • It’s a year since we lost two members of the Young family within a month of each other in 2017. George was a member of the legendary Easybeats who with Harry Vanda also wrote and produced numerous hits for Alberts Music recording artists throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. Malcolm was rhythm guitarist supreme and songwriter for Australia’s biggest international rock act AC/DC, it was no co-incidence that both Vanda and Young and AC/DC were included in the first group inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1988, their careers were inextricably entwined by family and a shared experience of creating amazing Ausmusic that rocked the world, they are our Hall of Fame Heroes this week.





  • Our ARIA Winner Flashback tribute this week honors the Song of the Year from 1997, the lush ballad Truly, Madly, Deeply, by Savage Garden, a duo from Logan (Qld) who blazed across the pop firmament in 1996-2000 selling more than 23 million records in a brief but brilliant career in which they literally dominated the US charts and radio playlists with their highly catchy, accessible, radio -friendly hits, this song would be their first US #1.


  • The Day on the Green Concerts have become must-see events for retro-rockers who want to experience again the vibe of great songs and great singers from the past, the recent DOTG concert at Rochford Wines (Yarra Valley) set crowd records for those who turned up to be entertained by John Farnham, who explained that he always saved You’re the Voice until the end of his set “Otherwise you’ll all p… off!” Daryl Braithwaite and Russell Morris were joined by US hit maker Richard Marx, to round off a memorable day of great hits and fine wines.



men at work


  • In 2001 APRA released their list of the 30 Best Australian Songs from the era 1926-2001, the list marked the 75th anniversary of APRA, and 4TR wants to start the conversation about re-visiting this list in 2026 when APRA will celebrate their centenary. Who will comprise the panel to select the songs, should they compile a top 50 or top 100, how will the inclusion of songs recorded since 2001 impact on the current top thirty Australian songs of all time? Intriguing stuff, but for the moment we are remembering the song that APRA ranked #4 overall – the global smash hit Down Under by Men at Work in 1981, when the band simultaneously held down the #1 single and #1 album positions on both the UK and USA charts.


  • The TV series Wentworth has become a viewer’s favourite all over again following the re-booting of the womens’ prison drama franchise in 2013, with a new series recently approved to take the show out to 2021. But the original Prisoner series was an even bigger global ratings bonanza for Grundy Productions, and in a twist of fate, provided an opportunity for a migrant  English singer to re-invent her musical career, and take her hit song back to the UK from which she had come, see the great story behind this song and the singer, in our 4TR Q/A section this week.


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