• In 2008 inductions to the ARIA Hall of Fame were held separately from the ARIA Music awards, but three years later in 2011 they were again included in the Music Awards ceremony, in November 2017 ARIA opened a new annual exhibition at the Melbourne Arts Centre, known as the Australia Music Vault (AMV), showcasing memorabilia honoring the Hall of Fame inductees. The AMV has emerged as an important venue where Australians can see, hear, interact and learn about the history of Australian contemporary music, and is the logical location for a fully-funded Australian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Melbourne, to become as iconic and well-patronised as the US Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. This week 4TR honors one song which the US Hall of Fame has included in their 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll – Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning – in our ARIA Winner Flashback section, as well as two local Hall of Fame inductees, The Seekers and Olivia Newton-John, in our ARIA Hall of Fame Heroes segment, their individual stories are intriguing.


midnight oil 2

  • The Bee Gees and AC/DC were both music industry heavyweights who sold over 200 million records throughout their illustrative careers, the brothers Gibb spent much of their formative years as singers in this country after they migrated here with their family in 1958, and despite their phenomenal international success they were not inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame until 1997, some nine years after AC/DC were inducted. 4TR profiles the early Bee Gees hits in this week’s Special Feature, and looks at the fascinating back story of sibling rivalry and resentment that split the band and divided the brothers for eighteen months, in our fascinating Q/A installment this week.


bee gees

  • In our Xmas edition of 4TR next week we will profile the music of one of Australia’s most revered performers in Paul Kelly, who wrote and recorded one of our quintessential Christmas songs, How to Make Gravy, a touching story of complicated families, nostalgia, love and loss, tracing the turbulent relationship of Joe and Rita who we first met in Kelly’s To Her Door in 1987.


  • We continue to countdown APRA’s Top Thirty Australia songs from the era 1926-2001 with a look at Little River Band’s Cool Change, possibly the finest composition by Glenn Shorrock, one of only nine performers to be dual inductees into the Australian Hall of Fame.



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