• The current charges of indecent assault facing Craig McLachlan, as yet unproven, certainly have their parallels in the history of Ausmusic, and while 4TR will report newsworthy stories regardless of their nature, we do not do so out of any prurient interest in such matters. 4TR has taken the opportunity to look back at several famous cases involving well-known local groups and solo performers, our review this week is not exhaustive, and will focus on the songs and musical achievements of these performers as well as the other matters which brought them unwanted notoriety.



  • Rolf Harris has been rightly demonised since his conviction on charges of indecently assaulting girls and women throughout his career, he was incarcerated in Britain for several years and only released last year. Before his fall from grace Harris was a revered performer in the UK as a TV compere, musician and artist, in recent years he even painted Queen Elizabeth’s portrait. His wobbleboard-propelled hits such as Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, The Court of King Caractacus, Six White Boomers (recently banned from Australian Childcare Centres as a seasonal Xmas song) and other international hits which included Sun Arise and Two Little Boys, made him one of Australia’s most recognisable international performers. He was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2008 but subsequently delisted in 2014 after being convicted of indecent assault. In our Hall of Fame post this week we profile his breakout hit, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport from 1960.





  • New World were a folky trio from Brisbane who caught the zeitgeist of the early 1970’s success of the ChinniChap/RAK hit factory in the UK, and after taking a clutch of Chinn/Chapman songs into the UK top ten, found themselves in the Old Bailey on charges that would ultimately destroy their careers.We revisit the hits of New World and reveal their intriguing back story, in our expanded Special Feature post this week.



new world


  • William Shakespeare was a glam rock oddity of the 1970’s who crashed into the charts with two Vanda/Young compositions and who ultimately found himself on probation and his career in tatters, read more about his hits and life in the expanded Special Feature section this week.


william shakespeare


  • In 1991 Craig McLachlan and his band Check 1-2, scored a big international hit with Mona, their version of a song originally written and recorded by Bo Diddley. In 2019 McLachlan will face ten charges of alleged indecent assault of three actresses who have performed with McLachlan in the live musical The Rocky Horror Show, we revisit Mona in our ARIA Winner section this week.



craig mclachlan



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