• Nick Cave continues his Q and A Recital tour around the country to resounding acclaim from fans who are reveling in the intimacy of the performance and the meet and greet  format of the shows. We all get a little starstruck when in close contact with our musical heroes, but it turns out so does Nick Cave, when he revealed his own experience of “fan failure” after his performance at the Glastonbury Festival. As he was leaving his trailer he saw a man in a hoodie heading his way through heavy rain, as the man got closer he reached out his wet hand to Nick, who suddenly realised it belonged to one of his heroes, the one and only Bob Dylan, who had come backstage to tell Nick how much he enjoyed his music.”Suddenly the thousands of questions I had always imagined I would ask Bob Dylan if I was lucky enough to meet him left me and I was speechless”, Nick confessed. “I ended up finally saying something stupid like “I like your work too”, and that was it, Bob walked off again”. (Wendy Squires The Age newspaper). This week in our APRA BEST 30 Songs 1926-2001 we feature Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The Ship Song from 1990, one of his most personal and introspective ballads, much-loved by fans.


d braithwaite


  • Daryl Braithwaite, the former frontman for 70’s pop phenomenon Sherbet, revived his career in the 1980’s and 90’s with a string of contemporary solo albums and singles which saw Braithwaite admitted as a solo artist to the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2017. As the Days Go By and One Summer were both big hits, but it was his classic remake of a little-known Ricky Lee Jones album track , The Horses, that really resonated with fans and became the song which would rival Farnham’s The Voice for top-of-the-heap anthemic status over the next few decades, revisit this song, and its intriguing back story, in our Hall of Fame Heroes feature this week.




  • Pseudo Echo caught the New Wave Romantic zeitgeist in the 1980’s and scored with several of their own songs before opting to cover a disco hit that had charted only six years before. As we continue our tribute to great cover versions of songs by local artists, we revisit Funky Town, the million-selling success story for Melbourne  quartet Pseudo Echo in our Years Ago feature



jet 2

  • Jet literally exploded onto the local scene in 2003/04 with their debut album Get Born which was promptly installed at #1. The album was bristling with hits and mod rock machismo, it plundered the back catalogue of Motown in the most extraordinarily catchy way, so that in the summer of 2003/04 it was impossible not to hear Are You Gonna Be My Girl and Rollover DJ  coming out of speakers in clubs, pubs and car stereos, we revisit these two Jet classics in our ARIA Winner Flashback feature this week


  • Q & A this week responds to a question about several incidents in the life of Michael Hutchence which flagged the descent of the INXS frontman and ultimately his sad and premature death.


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