Missy Higgins Portrait


  • Missy Higgins is currently touring Australia with the John Butler Trio, after opening for Ed Sheeran during his national tour in 2018, a performance in front 85,000 people at the ANZ Stadium was a career highlight. She has just released the Special Ones, an album of her songs from the last twenty years which have yielded nine ARIA awards, and global record sales of over two million. The release of her debut album the Sound of White in 2004 confirmed the arrival of the most promising singer/songwriter of her generation in this country, and despite having to deal with mental health issues and more recently the demands of her two children, Samuel and Luna, she has found a new equilibrium in her life, in partnership with her husband Dan Lee. This week in our ARIA Winner Flashback we feature Missy Higgins two breakthrough hits, Scar and The Special Two from 2004/05.



James Freud


  • Confessional tell-all autobiographies by Ausmusic rock stars have flooded the market in recent years, Jimmy Barnes, Glenn Shorrock, James Freud, Chrissy Amphlett, Rick Springfield, Jim Keays, Paul Kelly and many others have taken pen in hand, or guided the hand of a ghost writer, to recapture their 15 minutes of fame in print, and to hopefully top up their super fund. None was more confessional or disturbing than Part 1 of James Freud’s memoirs entitled I Am the Voice Left from Drinking, in our ARIA Hall of Fame Heroes post this week, we recall a prodigiously talented band that included Freud, Sean Kelly, James Valentine, Andrew Duffield and Kate Ceberano, and the two big hits for The Models in 1985 – Barbados and Out of Mind, Out of Sight.



  • Last Saturday night Kate Miller-Heidke was anointed as Australia’s representative for Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv in May, after a brilliant performance of her operatic pop song, Zero Gravity on SBS. In a hot field of aspirants including Sheppard, Courtney Act, Tania Doko and Ella Hooper, Kate performed the song which requires a particularly high vocal register and has been described by her as the equivalent of doing a vocal backflip on stage. The song was written by Heidke and her partner and fellow collaborater Keir Nuttall and as the blending of opera and pop has been a perennially popular Eurovision genre in the past, hopes are high for a great result for Kate and Australia.



  • APRA Best Songs from the period 1926-2001 this week features the sublime white boy blues and soul of Spectrum’s I’ll Be Gone from 1971, a song that captured the freewheeling hippie zeitgeist like no other at the time, with its shuffling boogie beat, disarming naivete, and of course the most recognizable harmonica riff in the history of Ausmusic.


                                                                            Frank Ifield

  • Australian Frank Ifield was a superstar in the UK in the early 1960’s and scored no less than four #1 hits there with his unique falsetto/yodeling style of singing, and clever covers of existing songs. The back story to Frank’s biggest hit I Remember You, is intriguing, how this song was written by Johnny Mercer as a tribute to his then mistress Judy Garland, and the novel recording techniques used by Ifield and his producer Norrie Paramor to take this song to the top of the British charts at a time when the Fab Four were rampant, are all revealed in our Years Ago post this week.




  • In 2001 Melbourne techno geeks The Avalanches unleashed their plunderphonic magnum opus on the world, the album entitled Since I Left You, comprised over 3,500 carefully curated scraps of sound, lyrics and music sourced from virtually everywhere, to be blended into an aural montage the likes of which had never been created in this country before. In our Special Feature this week we revisit the two hit singles lifted from their debut album, Frontier Psychiatrist and the title track Since I Left You.


  • Sydney’s 5 Seconds of Summer have just completed a stellar year, their catchy single Youngblood emerged as ARIA’s best-selling record in the country, spending eight weeks at #1, and making the top ten in the UK and the USA. This was the first time an Australian single had topped the best-seller list since Anthony Callea with The Prayer in 2005, what constitutes sale these days is a complex algorithm, needing to factor in physical CDs, vinyl, digital downloads, and streams from services such as Apple music and Spotify.  5SOS will be our feature group in an upcoming issue of 4TR.

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