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  • Saturday Night Fever the Musical is about to return to Sydney this week as the disco megahit from 1977 rolls back into the Lyric Theatre starring Disco Diva Marcia Hines, Paulini, and Natalie Conway. The show is packed with the disco classics of the Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive, How Deep is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy, More Than A Woman, and the story behind the Bee Gees creation of the song that accompanied Tony Manero walking down 86th Street, Brooklyn in the opening scene of the movie is fascinating. The SNF soundtrack has sold over 40 million copies and for decades was the #1 until more recently being edged out of top spot by The Bodyguard, this week 4TR revisits the classic disco hit Stayin’ Alive in our Special Feature post.


Marcia Hines 2


  • The role of The Diva in the SNF Musical will be performed by Marcia Hines who is not only the Disco Diva but throughout the 1970’s was our Soul Diva and Queen of Pop for three consecutive years, when she enjoyed great success in the musicals Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and took no less than six songs into the national top ten. Inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2007, we look back at several of her hits from that period – I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself and You


Rob eg 3


  • The Go! Show Gold is without doubt one of the best Reunion Shows on the local calendar, staged at the iconic Palais Theatre in St. Kilda (Melb) it will feature a roll call of the great names of Ausmusic from the 60’s and 70’s. On Saturday May 4th the stars will align when Normie Rowe, Colleen Hewitt, Ronnie Burns, Rob EG, Johnny Young, Marty Rhone, Bobby Bright, Issy Dye, The Groove and The Vibrants play their hits, this week in our Years Ago post we remember the great hits of Rob EG, lap steel guitarist extraordinaire who intriguingly also had a great vocal hit late in his career with – When You’re Not Near.


Killing heidi 5


  • Ella and Jesse Hooper were the creative force of Killing Heidi who came out of rural Violet Town in Victoria in 2000 with their debut album Reflector, that stunned the critics and won the ARIA Award for Album of the Year. They flashed across the pop firmament for the next four years taking hit songs to the top of the charts – Weir and Mascara – but by 2006 the sound and fury had subsided, they would take time out to recharge their batteries and return later in the new millennium with a reunion tour in 2016.


Christine Anu 5


  • The great response to last week’s feature on Gurrumul and his amazing single Gurrumuul History (I Was Born Blind) and requests received for more features on our indigenous performers has prompted 4TR to feature a Christine Anu song – My Island Home – written by Neil Murray but re-interpreted by Christine Anu, who hails from the same island group off the coast of Arnhem Land as Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu. Three versions of My Island Home – by Neil Murray, the Warumpi Band and Christine Anu – were voted by APRA as one of the best thirty songs from the period 1926-2001 – this week in our APRA Best Songs post we recall the Christine Anu interpretation of this beautiful song.




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