THe swingers 2


  • This is our New Zealand Special 4TR this week as we remember the great songs from Kiwi artists from across the ditch, who have charted here and enjoyed global success as well. 4TR has previously featured songs by Dinah Lee, Crowded House, Split Enz, and Dragon and will return to them in future posts, but this week we profile The Swingers, Dave Dobbyn, John Rowles, Ray Columbus, Shona Laing, OMC and Bic Runga.


  • In 1981 The Swingers had the biggest-selling song on the Australian charts with Counting the Beat, a catchy earworm of a song that had started life as a sound check piece in a pub in Christchurch, the song and the promo video became classic new wave memorabilia from the early 80’s … counting the beat two, three, four, five… check it out at our new APRA NZ Song of the Year Award category this week.


Ray Columbus


  • In 1964 the first NZ record to hit #1 on the Australian charts was the Beatles-inspired She’s a Mod by Ray Columbus and the Invaders, their performance of the song on Bandstand is nostalgia gold, see how this cover version of a song by Birmingham group the Senators, was given a dynamic beat treatment by the Kiwis in our Years Ago post this week.


dave dobbyn 3


  • The 1980’s saw a flowering of nationalism and economic prosperity in NZ as Prime Minister David Lange strutted the world stage, the French attacked the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbor, Murray Ball’s comic strip Footrot Flats attracted a global audience, and Dave Dobbyn was retained to write the soundtrack for NZ’s first animated feature, based on the Footrot Flats characters – the smash hit single to emerge was Slice of Heaven – revisit the intriguing back story to this recording in our new Australian #1 Hits.


bic runga 3


  • In our second edition this week on Thursday we will revisit songs by Shona Laing, OMC, John Rowles and Bic Runga, your feedback is always welcome, best wishes 4TR.




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