• The 1970’s and early 80’s saw the rise of the highly influential musical genre generally known in this country as “pub rock”, the liberalization of licensing laws had led to the development of a genuine pub circuit of performance venues throughout the major cities, where punters, fueled by copious amounts of relatively cheap booze, flocked to sweaty, overcrowded suburban beer barns to boogie the night away.Hotels became the new engine rooms of live rock performance, the music was loud, hard-edged, riff-heavy, boogie-inspired, an intoxicating amalgam of hard rock, blues rock, rockabilly, and/or progressive rock, driven along by repetitive riffs, driving guitars and bass and very loud snare and kick drums. Its leading exponents read like a who’s who of Australian rock luminaries of the period – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs (MK 2), The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Lobby Lloyd’s Coloured Balls, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Ted Mulry Gang, Blackfeather, INXS, the Dingoes and many more, who honed their craft in Aussie pubs and effortlessly took their live skills into large venues in the US and Europe.




  • This week 4TR re-visits the halcyon days of pub rock beginning with AC/DC, our most successful international exponents of this unique brand of Ausmusic; as we review three tracks from Back in Black, their most famous album from the year 1980, which has sold over 50 million copies to date to become one of the most successful and acclaimed albums in the history of rock and roll, and is featured here in our Australian #1 Hit category.



Blackfeather 1


  • In the early 1970’s Blackfeather were a band who proved to be equally adept at writing and recording artful Antipodean Prog rock with their 1970 tour de force Seasons of Change, and just a year later showed their versatility by producing one of the most rollicking, good-time pub rock boogies ever, when they took the hard-driving Boppin’ the Blues to the top of the charts, we feature this epic slice of Ausmusic in our Years Ago feature this week, and suggest a possible third verse for your consideration.


Angels 2


  • The Keystone Angels emerged from jug band origins on the campus of Flinders University (Adelaide) in the mid-1970’s to become the Angels, simply one of the most dynamic and inventive pub rockers in Australia who delivered no less than 17 top twenty hits over the period 1976-1992. Front man “Doc” Neeson and Rick and John, the talented Brewster brothers, helped define the unique musical genre that Aussie pub rock became, they are our Special Feature artists this week.



Rose Tattoo 6


  • Arguably there was no band as aggressive, confrontational, tattooed, or bad-arse than Sydney’s Rose Tattoo, led by the diminutive but demonic Angry Anderson, the Rosie Tatts vividly captured all the menace and mayhem of blue-collar rock from the wrong side of the tracks, both their appearance and their music were unmistakably violent and rebellious, they are our ARIA Hall of Fame Heroes this week.


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