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All Out Of Love (G Russell/C Davis) and Every Woman in the World (D Bugatti/F Musker) – Air Supply 1980


 Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock were the creative focus of what was a shifting ensemble of musicians who as Air Supply became one of the most successful chart acts of the 80’s – their backing band included Rex Goh (rhythm guitar), Frank Esler-Smith (keyboards), Ralph Cooper (drums), David Moyse (guitar), and David Green (bass), and they worked closely with Australian producer Robie Porter (aka Rob EG) early in their career, although he would be replaced by Michael Masser and Harry Maslin on future albums.


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The album Lost In Love was a huge hit for the band in the US and the title track had climbed into the top five there, the follow up, All Out of Love, was a great pop ballad which attributed co-composing rights to Clive Davis, multi-Grammy award-winning chief of Sony/Arista Music.

All Out of Love was pre-released prior to the album Lost in Love in March 1980, and is generally regarded as the duo’s signature soft rock song, Clive Davis of Arista worked closely with Air Supply and was instrumental in curating their music for success in the States.


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In Australia the band’s soft rock sound, tight harmonies and clean image had often been ignored and occasionally derided, despite the success of the band’s records internationally, All Out Of Love was truly an international hit charting #2 in the USA and Canada, #11 in the UK, #3 in France, and #9 in Australia.


Guitarist/songwriter Graham Russell’s lead vocal contribution, particularly at the intro, was more obvious on this song and it benefited from his rich mellow tones in contrast to Russell Hitchcock’s more plaintive tenor. The orchestral arrangement by keyboard player Frank Esler-Smith was pop perfect and he would continue to contribute to the success of Air Supply’s pocket symphonies on future albums.

Russell’s original chorus was “I’m all out of love/ I want to arrest you” which Arista Chief Clive Davis rejected as he believed that Americans would conclude that someone was about to be apprehended, so he changed it to “I’m all out of love/ I’m so lost without you”, canny Clive also got a writing credit for his contribution, the brutal royalties-sharing euphemism, “ a third for a word” was evident here.

Every Woman in the World was the third single lifted from the Lost in Love album, it was written by “The Dukes”, who were the British songwriting duo of Dominic Bugatti and Frank Musker who had penned Modern Girl for Sheena Easton and could be relied on to deliver deftly-crafted MOR ballads that would resonate with the American market.


The song and Air Supply’s laid-back style and effortless, winning vocal harmonies were a potent combination and once again Hitchcock and Russell had another international hit on their hands. Every Woman hit the charts in the US at #5, #8 in Aust and #7 in NZ to continue the golden run for the band as they continued to produce glossy, melodic and beautifully -produced love ballads like this one, which were radio-friendly, market-savvy, and consistently sold over a million copies.


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