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Torn (P Thornalley/A Preven/S Cutler) – Natalie Imbruglia 1997

 Australian cast members of the long-running television series Neighbours had artfully charted a course from soapie success to pop stardom for some time before Natalie Imbruglia released her cover version of Ednaswap’s (below) Torn.ednaswapBut nothing that Kylie or Jason had achieved with their debut records got even close to the phenomenal success of Imbruglia’s blockbuster debut hit, the single Torn sold 4 million copies worldwide and between 1990-97, was played on Australian radio over 300,000 times to become the most played song ever to that time. Her debut album Left of the Middle quickly clocked up sales of seven million copies, Natalie Imbruglia had very quickly become a music industry phenomenon.natalie imbruglia2The daughter of a migrant Italian father and Australian mother (below) Imbruglia was raised in Sydney and after appearing in several television commercials landed the role of surfer girl Beth Brennan in Neighbours, relocating to London a year later in 1994 to pursue a recording career where she signed with RCA.natalie imbruglia 10Torn was written by Scott Cutler, Anne Preven and Phil Thornalley (Cure, below) as a solo song for Preven but Cutler and Preven’s band Ednaswap performed it live before the first recorded version of the song by Danish singer Lis Sorensen was issued in 1993.phil thornalleyImbruglia had struggled to connect with the music industry insiders in London until she met Mark Fox (below), former percussionist with Haircut 100, who hooked Natalie up with former Cure alumnus Phil Thornalley, a co-composer of Torn, this was the connection that would ignite Imbruglia’s career.mark fox

Ednaswap released a version of Torn in 1995 which was darker, more angsty with a Velvet Underground ambience, but Torn became something that was subtly different, more vulnerable, yearning, and sweet-natured with Imbruglia’s treatment, its point of difference was not dramatic, but the overall package of the girl and the song proved to be irresistable.katrina leskanitchImbruglia recorded the song in London and Los Angeles with producer Thornalley and a stellar team of session musicians- David Munday (lead guitar- wrote Lift for Shannon Noll and Friday’s Child for Wendy Matthews and he had recorded with Stevie Nicks, Sinead O’Connor, Belinda Carlisle) and Phil Thornalley (bass and rhythm guitar- Cure, Thompson Twins, Bryan Adams), Chuck Sabo (drums, Elton John, Ronan Keating), Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker (Zero 7 drum programming – silverchair, Sia, Eskimo Joe, Radiohead), Katrina Leskanitch (vocals – former lead singer Katrina and the Waves, above) and Nigel Godrich ( sound engineer – Radiohead).

Musically Torn is something of a contradiction, breezy, bouncy, pop, but with a darker, lyrical message, that was more obvious in the original Ednaswap version. Imbruglia’s vocals are sweetly melodic with a wistful little girl vulnerability about them, but she is conflicted about her current relationship and this is effectively captured in the chorus “ “Nothing’s fine, I’m torn/ I’m all out of faith/ This is how I feel/ I’m cold and I’m ashamed/ Lying naked on the floor/ Illusion never changed/ Into something real/ I’m wide awake and I can see/ The perfect sky is torn/ You’re a little late, I‘m already torn.”

The opening acoustic guitar chords by Munday frames Imbruglia’s plaintive vocals and an undercurrent of bass threads its way serpentine-like through the song, unexpectedly there is a choral insert about halfway through and an affecting guitar riff coda which closes out what was a perfect pop production by a capable session team.

The promo video portrayed Imbruglia and actor David Sheffield as the protagonists in a romantic conversation inside an apartment, shot front on from the same angle throughout, the video reveals itself to be a series of outtakes with the director and stage hands appearing and disappearing and Imbruglia occasionally looking straight to camera in a conspiratorial way. Stage- hands start to dismantle the set during the song, symbolic of the crumbling world of the couple, Imbruglia dances by herself in the closing shot. The video was on high rotation on MTV and was rated one of the best music videos of the 90’s.

Torn was #1 in the US for eleven consecutive weeks and #1 in five other countries, it charted top five in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, NZ, Switzerland, and the UK, she picked up no less than eight ARIA awards in 1998/99, as well as two Brit awards, a Billboard award, and a clutch of other prestigious nominations. Imbruglia’s debut album Left of the Middle was even more successful and was certified double platinum in November 1998, it is the highest-selling debut album by a female pop/rock artist ever, more than Alannis Morissette, Fiona Apple and Meredith Brooks combined, in its first week.natalie imbruglia4For the next decade Imbruglia would struggle to emulate her stunning debut success, her second album White Lilies Island, named after a spot on the River Thames near where she was living in Windsor (UK), arrived three years later, Natalie had co-written all the tracks, and it was much – anticipated. However, the album failed to resonate with her fans, although it did benefit from slipstreaming behind Torn and Left of the Middle, but there wasn’t an obvious lead single, although That Day charted #14 in Aust, and the album still sold a million globally.natalie imbruglia7In 2003 RCA/BMG Sony rejected her third album as not being radio-friendly, they offered to engage Swedish pop producers Bloodshy and Avanti to refocus her songs, but she refused and moved to Brightside Records, in the same year she married Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, and also appeared in the movie Johnny English with Rowan Atkinson, in 2005 she released her third album Counting Down the Days.natalie imbruglia5This album produced the hit single Shiver, which Imbruglia had co-composed, it charted #8 in the UK and #12 in Aust, but she had lost traction in the USA where it failed to chart, the album sold 600,00 copies globally.

In 2008 she divorced Johns and for the next six years relocated to LA and focused on her movie career, appearing in Closed for Winter (’09), Underdogs (’13), and Among Ravens (’14) which were all box office flops.natalie imbrugliaIn 2017 a greatest hits compilation, Glorious: The Singles Collection, was released which also achieved total sales of 600,000.natalie imbruglia3She appeared as a judge on both the Australian version of The X Factor (2010, below), and the UK  version (2011), took out British citizenship in 2013, and gave birth to a baby boy in 2019 via an IVF/sperm donor arrangement, there are no apparent immediate plans for her to revive her musical careernatalie imbruglia8





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