Devil Inside – (A Farriss/M Hutchence) INXS 1988

The band were embracing their inner demons with Devil Inside which had all the sexual menace, carnal intent, sexy hooks, and artful riffs required to lift the song to international success. An almost inaudible devilish snigger opens proceedings, Hutchence’s vocals are at once whisperly seductive and then satanically complicit “…every single one of us the Devil inside”.INXS6The rhythm section of Garry Gary Beers (bass) and Jon Farriss (percussion) drives the song forward from the start, Tim Farris and Kirk Pengilly deliver insistent guitar riffs, and Andrew Farriss on keyboards is understated but effective. Devil Inside became the band’s signature tune, it ranks up there with other hits in the “devil” genre such as the Rolling Stones Sympathy for The Devil, Van Halen’s Running With The Devil, Charlie Daniels Band The Devil Went Down To Georgia and You’re The Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley.inxs8Lifted from the mega-hit Kick album the song was propelled by a typically over-the-top Joel Schumacher promo which featured dazzling colored lighting effects, action shots of the boys astride motorcycles, lots of male nipples and the cool, macho, presence of front man Hutchence, who turns around as the video closes to reveal his true satanic persona in a surprise Janus-faced “gotcha” at the end, it was the MTV Video of the Year.chris thomasThe Kick album had been recorded in Sydney and Paris with producer Chris Thomas (above), but on hearing the final cut Atlantic Records, in a monumental lapse in taste and judgement, rejected it, claiming it was not radio-friendly, would not resonate with the black market in the US, and reputedly offered the band $1.0 million to go back to Australia and record another album. Thomas and the band refused, the album was released in October 1987 with little promotion by a recalcitrant Atlantic, it immediately won international acclaim, spawned five bona fide hit singles, sold 10 million copies two years after being released and by 2012 had clocked up a staggering 20 million sales worldwideinxs9The song charted #2 US, #6 Aust, #20 France and #47 UK where the critics had panned the band, the New Musical Express magazine having described their records as “depressingly definitive examples of excruciating, boring, incredibly unimaginative MTV rock,” but by the time the Kick album had hit #9 in the UK in 1987, the self-appointed British arbiters of rock credibility were eating their words.




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