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Youth (T Sivan/B Inscore/ B McLaughlin/Allie X) 2015

Sivan followed up the Tryxe EP with with the EP Wild which charted #1 in Australia, #5 in the UK and USA, and top ten in three other countries, Taylor Swift tweeted her approval and Sivan admitted that she had been the inspiration for Wild. troy sivan15Sivan was now reveling in the new freedom of his open queerness. The songs on  the Wild EP were autobiographically-revealing, the title track tells the story of a blossoming relationship starting in childhood, as a same sex romance grows and the families clash, Loved Up Couple focused on unrequited love, shaming, bullying, self-acceptance and the abuse and pain of breaking up, and Talk Me Down, shot in the Waverley Cemetery (Syd) explored death, homophobia, depression and suicide.troy sivan16As a work-in-progress for two years, the 2015 release of his debut album Blue Neighbourhood, was much-anticipated, the fourth single released, after the three from the Wild EP which were also included on this album, was the dreamy, electro-synth-pop of Youth. Co-composed by Sivan, and LA-based singer/songwriters Bram Inscore (Andy Grammar, Icona Pop, Leland), Brett McLaughlin (aka Leland, photo with Troy Sivan below)) (Selena Gomez, Allie X, Daya, and Charlie XCX) and Allie X (Alexandra Hughes), LA-based Canadian singer/songwriter, clearly Troy was drawing professional support and creative energy from a group of LA-based musicians and producers, and in the near future he would relocate there to live.lelandTroy had been inspired by his realisation that he had been sharing his life as an online vlogger since the age of twelve, and his fans had been vicariously experiencing their life through his music. “…  and we started writing a song about leaving everything and running away and having absolutely no idea where you were going, or what you were going to do in the future, or whether this person is just going to be with you for two days and just be a fling, or is it going to be someone who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.”

The video clip is a house party in the valley in LA with gay and heterosexual partners, a roller rink in the basement, neon-washed colours, Troy making out with a male love interest (LA actor Alex Bar), and watching friends having their tongues pierced, including Amandla Stenberg from Hunger Games, who subsequently came out as bisexual. Youth was a top twenty hit in Australia, NZ and the US and #38 in the UK, it also won the ARIA Award for Single of the Year in 2015, and the album was a top ten hit in Australia, NZ and the US, and sold over 700,000 copies globally.troy sivan7


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