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My, My, My (T Sivan/ B McLaughlin/ JA Ghaleb/ O Gorres) 2018 – Troy Sivan

In January 2018 Sivan released his second album Bloom which was inspired by his partner, US model Jason Bixenman (below). troy sivan5

LA-based songwriter/musician/ producer Oscar Gorres (aka OzGo) , who had produced hits for Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Britney Speers and Pink, as part of Max Martin’s Swedish production team Wolf Cousins, collaborated with Sivan, and LA-based songwriter/producers Brett McLaughlin (aka Leland) and songwriter/producer James Alan Ghaleb on the album. The lead single was the effervescent dance anthem My, My, My, its sensual beat and Sivan’s sultry, breathy vocals made this song a notable contrast from his earlier work. It was an infectious celebration of sexual desire, and a confident and joyful expression of an unapologetically queer perspective on love and life, “Oh my, my, my, /I die every night with you / Oh my, my, my/ Living for your every move,” Sivan explained the inspiration for the hook “… I remember specifically the night I was picturing when we were writing this song. I remember being led through a bar with my hand and he was pulling me. I was just like, “Oh my God, it’s like this kind of stuff.”troy sivan17The music video was directed by Grant Singer,and used strobe lighting effects that prompted a warning at the beginning: “This video may potentially contain seizure triggers for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. In the visual, Sivan dances in the middle of an empty warehouse and deserted city streets, halfway through the video, he is joined by several shirtless men in interior settings, which includes porn star/ body model Brody Blomqvist, Sivan was now confidently projecting himself as an unapologetic queer icon.

The single hit #1 on the US Dance charts, #38 in the UK and #14 locally, and the album Bloom, at a surprisingly short thirty-five minutes in length, was a substantial global hit charting #4 in the US, #10 in the UK, #3 in NZ and Aust, and sold over 2.5 million copies.

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