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I’m So Tired… (T Sivan/M Pollack/ B McLaughlin/ A Leff) – Troy Sivan and Lauv – 2019

 Following the success of his second album Bloom in 2018 Troy Sivan continued to garner critical praise for both his live and recorded performances, his music continued to mature to become a catchy blend of layered pop and electro-dance music (EDM), sung in his appealing baritone voice, and all the while cleverly exploring his queer take on life and love. Sivan and Lauv (aka Ari Leff ) met in LA when they shared rehearsal space in late 2018 and started to swap ideas and riffs, Ari is an American singer/songwriter and producer based in LA who had previously released his own EP Lost In The Light (2015) and debut album I Met You When I Was 18 (2018), he had also written songs for Charlie XCX, Demi Lovato and Cheat Codes.troy sivan30Lauv was dealing with a recent breakup with his girlfriend Julia Michaels (above) and Sivan was experiencing problems in his relationship with Jason Bixenman (below), consequently both of them found a shared groove as they collaborated on the anti-love song which became, I’m So Tired… The two singers literally trade lovesick verses about getting over an impossible-to-forget ex, and an equally inescapable, somewhat bitter ant-love song ultimately emerged.troy sivan24Lauv had written the chorus for I’m So Tired… but wasn’t confident that it would appeal, he played it to Troy who picked up on the infectious dance beat. As they traded stories about their exes and swapped ideas about how people agonise over breakups and keep replaying songs that remind them of those past relationships, this fueled the alchemy that drove the vital creative process.troy sivan28Sivan throws in references to Coldplay’s Hurts Like Heaven (above)and Lorde’s Buzzcut Season, (below) before he and Lauv combine on the track’s simple hook, “I’m so tired of love songs/Tired of love songs/Tired of love songs, tired of love… I just wanna go home.”troy sivan29The two singers have revealed that they develop songs from very different conceptual starting points, Sivan is inspired by reading books, and picking up random words that resonate, whereas Lauv relies more on subconscious images that spontaneously occur and catalyse the creative process.troy sivan 28Both singers are mutually appreciative of their respective contribution to the song, and the input from regular Troy Sivan collaborators Michael Pollack and Brett McLaughlin (above with Sivan), the record quickly became a sizeable hit, garnering more than 66 million Spotify streams in just one month and a stint on the Billboard Hot 100 within a week of its Jan. 24 release.

I’m So Tired… has a world-weary, trance-like techno beat which is exaggerated in the promo video, shot from the rear of an open-top sports car as Troy and Lauv cruise the streets of LA. Their backs are to the camera as they swap verses and cruise, the lyrics are repetitive and delivered in a rather monotonous monotone, but it certainly had its fans and became a global hit – top ten in UK, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and NZ, and sold 1.4 million units via sales and streaming formats globally.troy sivan23

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