In Your Eyes (K Minogue/R Stannard/J Gallagher/A Howes) and Love at First Sight (K Minogue/R Stannard/J Gallagher/A Howes/M Harrington) and Come into My World (C Dennis/R Davis)– Kylie Minogue 2002

Following the mega-selling single Can’t Get You Out of My Head would not be easy, so Kylie went with the team who had already delivered her all-conquering album Fever, as well as girl power hits for the Spice Girls – Richard “Biff” Stannard, Julian Gallagher, and Ash Howes of the Biffco Studios in Dublin, and Minogue would also get a writing credit on a single release for the first time. Below L-R – Richard “Biff” Stannard, Kylie, Julian Gallagher.


In Your Eyes featured powerful Latin-inflected beats and a cruisy, mellow sensibility with all-pervasive slinky, slithery, sexy, grooves lurking inside a sinuous slice of Spice Girls-style pop, it had assertive girl power stamped all over it. Julian Gallagher’s keyboards and Ash Howes programmed percussion were highlights, it charted #1 in Australia and #3 in the UK and in another self-referential moment, Kylie name-checked Spinning Around during the bridge. The promo clip featured an intriguing encounter between Kylie and a mysterious stranger on a packed dancefloor.

The Fever album was literally a goldmine for further singles, Love at First Sight became the third single taken off the album, it was another dance-pop banger with a house sensibility, and elements of Europop, like the album’s title track Fever, Love at First Sight used stuttering disco samples, spicy lyrics, and suggestive panting, to depict a none-too-subtle good- time physical encounter. Julian Gallagher (Rhodes piano), Martin Harrington and Steve Lewinson (guitars) and Ash Howes and Alan Sweeney (programmed percussion) delivered catchy grooves and Kylie teamed with “Biff” Stannard on backing vocals.  


Critics of the song didn’t like the Taylor Swift similarities and it was also criticized for being too derivative of Daft Punk’s Digital Love, nevertheless it charted well, climbing to #2 in Australia and the UK, and top ten in Denmark, Canada, Ireland, Spain, NZ, #23 on the US charts and #1 on the US Dance Club Songs chart. The promo video was intriguing and featured Minogue in a futuristic maze with backup dancers, all shot in a single take motion sequence in Dublin, the Kylie team would go back to the Fever album one more time for a fourth single, which would be released in November, this was Come into My World.


This was another Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis composition from the team who had worked with Kylie on the mega-selling Can’t Get You Out of My Head, in 2001. It was a more laid-back slickly -produced, glossy, radio-friendly pop song which resonated strongly in clubland and won Kylie her only Grammy award for Best Dance Record in 2004. The London recording sessions featured Cathy Dennis (backing vocals and keyboards), Rob Davis (keyboards, guitar, drum programming), and of course Kylie, who joined Dennis on backing vocals. The promo clip was shot in Paris as Kylie strolls through a busy market intersection singing the song, and each time she completes a lap of the area a Kylie-clone appears as do the extras in the background, no less than five Kylies appear in the video which was achieved in one extended take, an impressive feat of editing and filmmaking! Come into My World charted #3 in Australia and #8 in the UK and #1 in Mexico and South Africa, Kylie’s next album Body Language would be released in 2003 and continue Kylie’s domination of international charts.

Classic video, brilliant editing, viewers are locked in an endless time loop with KM.

The Brit Awards in 2003 would bring the curtain down on the Kylie Minogue /James Gooding romance, after Kylie and Justin Timberlake performed a raunchy routine and a drunken Gooding confronted Kylie and was banned from the after-party by Minogue and sent on his way by her security people. He accused Kylie of mocking him and publicly cuckolding him with Timberlake, and he later sold a tell-all story about their relationship to the News of the World, which include the comment “I fear she’s going to end up a lonely spinster with only a cat for company.” Below L-R 2xTabloids on the Minogue/Gooding breakup, and Kylie’s new squeeze Olivier Martinez.

His public cuckolding by Kylie sent Gooding on a drugs bender and he sought treatment, but the tabloids continued to roast him and revealed that he had two-timed Kylie during their relationship with Sophie Dahl, Davinia Taylor, and Martine McCutcheon. But by this time Kylie had moved onto another bad boy lover, Frenchman Olivier Martinez, former squeeze of both Juliette Binoche and Mira Sorvino, and the paparazzi queued up again to chronicle this latest chapter in Kylie’s love life. Below L-R Sophie Dahl, Martine McCutcheon, Davinia Taylor

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