This is the fifth instalment in a series of blogs in which 4TR has reviewed Ausmusic decade by decade, following our reviews of The 1950’s/60’s (June 1 and 9, 2020), The 70’s (June 16, 2020), The 1980’s (September 3, 2020), and The 1990’s (May 18, 2021), already posted on the 4TR site. Simultaneously we will nominate our Top Ten Song choices for each decade, from the huge and diverse range of original local songs, from many genres, as well as another Ten Honourable Mentions, that just failed to make the Top 10.

I hope you enjoy the journey through the musical icons that have become an integral part of the unique soundtrack of our lives, and always feel free to comment on the songs we have selected as 4TR Top Ten hits.

Selection Criteria – 4TR TOP TEN SONGS OF THE DECADE 2000’s (2000-2009)

. Released as a single in the decade and charted primarily during that period in this country

. Is an original composition by Australian or New Zealand artist(s)

. Was predominantly recorded by Australian or New Zealand artist(s).

. Was not necessarily recorded in this country or New Zealand.

. Selections are not genre-specific, but will reflect the artistic excellence, commercial success, innovation, and presentation of local content, that will be common to all the songs deemed to be the best in any decade    

Over the next four weeks we will review the Top Ten songs from the 2000’s, beginning the countdown this Week on Thursday May 26th and concluding on Thursday June 16th .

Where certain songs have already been recently reviewed/updated by 4TR and feature in the top 10, a replacement song from the list of Honourable Mentions will be substituted and reviewed. The date on which the review of these Top 10 songs already appears in the blog will be included in parentheses after the song title.   


Graeme Davy

4The Record

TOP SONGS  2000’s (2000-2009)

Straight Lines – Silverchair (08)

My Happiness – Powderfinger (’01)

Catch My Disease- Ben Lee (’05)

Special Two – Missy Higgins (’06)(4TR blog 3/5/22)

Amazing – Alex Lloyd (’02) (4TR blog 25/4/19)

White Noise – Living End (’09)

One Crowded Hour -Augie March (’07)

Not Pretty Enough – Kasey Chambers (’03)

Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet (’04)

Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind) – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu (‘08)(4TR blog 15/4/21)

The vid received an MA rating because of the implied violence, as it features band members in a car, kidnapping people in the night, only to reveal that it was the band members themselves who were being kidnapped. Temperley explained that this symbolized the way that the band had evolved, with the old band now being replaced by the new band, very quirky and probably quite expensive to film.

Ten Near Misses

Walking On a Dream – Empire of the Sun (09)(4TR blog 11/4/19)

UFO – Sneaky Sound System (07 )

Joker and the Thief- Wolfmother (06)

Somewhere Down the Barrel – Dissociatives (04)

Black Fingernails, Red Wine- Eskimo Joe

Perfect- Vanessa Amorosi

So Beautiful- Pete Murray

Since I Left You- The Avalanches

My Delirium – Ladyhawke (08)

Black and Gold – Sam Sparro

The song was a surprise international hit, #2 in the UK, #4 in Australia and #12 on the US Dance Charts, and rose to the top ten in Ireland, Scotland and Denmark. Sparro and his co-writer and producer Jesse Rogg received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Record for Black and Gold, and Sparro’s  old drinking buddy Adele famously covered the song early in her career.
The promo video was directed by Alexander Liane and depicted Sparro emerging from a stretch limousine with clones of himself dressed in tuxedos decorated with pulsing lights within a black and gold colour-themed setting.

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