The Only Way Is Up – Yazz and the Plastic Population

With global economies in COVID- triggered meltdown, share markets collapsing, bitcoin investors panicking, massive job losses, the insolvency of corporate giants, and families enduring economic hardship, surely the only way is up in the future. So let’s grab a little of the ebullient, infectious, life-affirming positivity of Yazz and her Plastic Population, as they deliver their smash #1 dance hit from 1988. This was a classic pumping house track from the Jamaican/English performer who covered the Otis Clay original from 1980 which was soulful, but did not chart. But from the opening blast of horns you know where Yazz (aka Yasmin Evans) is taking us on this version, synths, electric drums, brass, an infectious beat that never lets up, and the stunning vocals and fluid grace of the bleached blond in bicycle shorts/braces/bomber jacket combo, briefly double denim, and Annie Lennox look-a-alike hairstyle. Yazz married Jazz Summers, and they had a daughter called Razzamatazz, no not true, her name was Rio.

There is no cure for COVID-19 yet, so all we can do is stay positive, preserve the economic and emotional security of our families, and remember that corona and virus, separately, can be quite refreshing.


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